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The helping hand

A trawl through directories of grants and funding in education will show a strong bias towards the maintained sector. However, there are a few organisations that can assist pupils through an independent education

Here is a brief list of some grant-making bodies that can help fund scholarships, bursaries and other forms of support that your school could promote to prospective and current parents.

BMTA Trust Limited
Short-term grants are provided for children over the age of 13 who are already attending an independent school to help them complete their current stage of education when parents/guardians find themselves in unforeseen financial difficulties. Only in exceptional circumstances of social need are children helped to start at an independent day or boarding school. No help is provided for sixth-form education. Preference is given to applicants with a motor industry connection.
Tel: 01372 210124

Eleanor Hamilton Educational Trust
The trust provides fee support for the second year of GCSE or A-level in cases of unforeseen family hardship. Awards will be made on the basis of social and financial need.
Tel: 01603 631 459

Fashion & Textile Children's Trust 
The trust is the only charity that is able to offer financial support to children (0-18 yrs) whose parents work in UK  fashion, textile and other related industries. The parent must have worked for a minimum of five years and there must be a "case of need". Grants are offered for educational support, including school fees, and for basic welfare items such as clothing, bedding, transport to school etc. Additionally, it is able to offer support to children with special needs or disabilities or children who are gifted and talented.

Mitchell City of London Educational Foundation ~
The foundation awards grants for A level studies, grants for further education and grants to assist children of single parents at secondary schools. Beneficiaries must be the child of a parent who lives or works in the City of London, or they must be in attendance or have attended a school or educational establishment in the City. No minimum period of attendance at a City school is required.
Tel: 0845 600 1558

Reedham Trust
Grants are provided towards boarding fees to children without one or both parents, where home conditions are prejudicial to the child’s normal development.

Tel: 020 8660 1461

RN & RM Children’s Fund
Support is given to children of serving and retired RN & RM personnel who are in need of care and assistance. Grants are given towards education where a social need is proven. The age range is generally 5-18.
Tel: 02392 639534

Royal Medical Foundation (RMF)
The RMF assists GMC-registered doctors and their families who have a proven financial need due to little in the way of income or savings. We can provide assistance with school fees for sons or daughters of GMC registered doctors enabling them to maintain educational stability in times of distress. Assistance is mainly considered for those in their public examination years.

Non-educational financial assistance, both regular and one-off awards, are also considered for GMC-registered doctors, or their widows, widowers and children who have a proven financial need. 

Tel: 01372 82 10 10

School Fees Charitable Trust
Awards are made to assist parents who are unable to continue to pay for an independent education from their own resources as a result of financial hardship, arising from a severe change in circumstances. Grants are made to cover either the final GCSE year or the final A Level year or equivalent examinations.
Tel: 01306 746 309

The Athlone Trust
The objects of the trust are to provide financial assistance for needy adopted children and their families who are in necessitous circumstances. The funds are invariably directed to help pay for children with special educational needs to attend special schools in cases where the fees cannot or will not be paid for by local authorities.

The Emmott Foundation
The foundation provides grants for sixth form education for pupils expected to go on to higher education, whose parents face an unexpected family, medical or economic crisis. Except in exceptional circumstances, a majority of predicted or actual A grades are required.

The Frank Buttle Trust
The trust provides grants are provided for day or boarding education where children (usually aged 11-16) are facing severe social, emotional or health problems and lack full parental support. Grants are not given when the need is founded on educational or religious preference or when the problem is solely financial hardship.
Tel: 020 7828 7311

The Royal Merchant Navy School Foundation
The foundation offers educational support to orphans and needy children of all grades of merchant seafarers. The foundation makes grants to fund up to 100 per cent of fees at independent (boarding and day) secondary schools.
Tel: 0118 978 1865/4208

Joint Educational Trust merged with Royal Wanstead Children’s Foundation to become Royal National Children’s Foundation:

The Royal National Children’s Foundation
The Charity helps by providing grants and boarding school places for children aged 7-18 who have suffered trauma, tragedy or neglect in their young lives. These are young people who usually have one or no active parents, whose normal development is compromised or threatened by adverse home, school or family circumstances. The most suitable schooling for the majority of these young people will be at boarding school although day school will be considered as an exceptional alternative for children up to the age of 13. The charity supports cases of social need and not educational preference.

Royal National Children’s Foundation was formed by the merger of the Royal Wanstead Children’s Foundation and the Joint Educational Trust, which have worked in partnership for many years. Together, these charities have a history dating back to 1827. 
Tel: 01932 868622

The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation
The schools-led charity has been founded to give a life transforming experience to the lives of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing for them an education in boarding schools, which have an acknowledged excellence.

Thornton Smith & Plevins Young People’s Trusts
The trusts assist with the education of able pupils. Grants are generally given to young people already in the independent school system and who are about to begin, or who have already begun, their A-level courses.
Tel: 01582 611 675

Alternatively, you could try this link (you may have to pay a fee if you use their service, however):

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